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Hi! I am a writer from Vancouver who is passionate about arts & entertainment, music, literature, fashion, and technology.

I imagine a world with peace, love, and magic rainbows on the horizon.

"There’s no perfect road map.
You just got to follow your heart and try and be the best person you can."

- Michael Johns

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imagewolfshood replied to your photo: American Idol Season 12 Top 8

I feel so old looking at this pic. (btw who’s your fav this year?)

Haha! I know, right?! Curtis is the only one from the Top 10 who was born before me (in 1988) and since he’s gone now, I am older than all of these kids!

Kree and Candice! Kree is my favourite singer and Candice is my favourite performer. I’m still advocating for Team Girl after all of these seasons, haha. Are you watching?

  1. ohpuckyou said: oh man, then I’m older than all of them, too. that’s just too weird ;alkdsg & I’m nooot.. kinda been keeping an eye on it via your tumblr 8’) I watched the vid you last posted of a Candice’s song, that was so good, omg.
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