Elizabeth Rosalyn
Hi! I'm Elizabeth Rosalyn. I am a writer from Vancouver, Canada who is passionate about arts & entertainment, technology, and fashion. I imagine a world full of peace, love, music, and magic rainbows on the horizon.

I am a goddess.
A glorious female warrior.
Queen of all that I survey.
Enemies of fairness and equality,
Hear my womanly roar.

"Follow your passion, follow your heart, and the things you need will come."
- Elizabeth Taylor

"Believe in yourself. Work hard.
Never stop hustlin'!"

- Cory Monteith

imagewolfshood replied to your post: wolfshood replied to your photo: American Idol…

oh man, then I’m older than all of them, too. that’s just too weird ;alkdsg & I’m nooot.. kinda been keeping an eye on it via your tumblr 8’) I watched the vid you last posted of a Candice’s song, that was so good, omg.

They get younger and younger every year! I’m dreading the possibility of them doing that “Songs From The Year You Were Born” week because that will just rub it in, haha. :D Candice is amazing! She’s like a mix of Melinda, Jennifer, and Jordin - it’s incredible.

  1. ohpuckyou said: omg all my 90s favorites being sung by BABIES I would cry. maybe I’ll try to tune in this next week though, I like watching stars being born. 8)))
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